Don’t let the altitude (8,650 ft) put a damper on your vacation in the mountains!

Relax with our essential oil-infused oxygen therapy sessions or try out our fully-automated massage chair! We are Red River’s only oxygen bar and we strive to bring you the highest quality of all natural remedies and products that we can — including single essential oils and blends made just for you during your stay!

We currently offer six varieties of essential oils infused with our steady stream of 95% pure oxygen to give you the added health and wellness benefits of aromatherapy:

  • Eucalyptus (Globulus) : Refreshing and invigorating, aids with congestion, soothes minor headaches, sore throat, cough, elevates mood, has natural cooling abilities.
  • Grapefruit : Warm and uplifting scent, elevates mood, digestive aid, a lymphatic stimulant, helps reduce water retention. curbs appetite, natural anti-depressant.
  • Lemongrass : Earthy and citrus based uplifting scent, antispasmodic (aids in arthritic pain, bronchitis, asthma & throat infections), improves circulation, lowers blood pressure.
  • Cedarwood (Atlas) : Earthy, woodsy scent; has a relaxing & calming affect that can aid in anxiety, natural decongestant, helps lower blood pressure, expectorant, improves sleep.
  • Peppermint : Warm & spicy aroma, improves appetite, relieves nausea & upset stomach, motion sickness, hangover, headache, sinus congestion, boosts energy.
  • Lavender : Floral & Earthy aroma, has a relaxing & calming effect that can aid in depression, soothes muscle aches & pains, helps relieve IBS, stomach cramps & menstrual pain.

Oxygen sessions only take 10 minutes on average and can help bring much needed relief throughout the rest of your evening — we typically only see clients once per day during their stay.

We offer a second oxygen bar to take on up to 8 people per session!

(We do not have an age limit and these sessions are for recreation only — please seek medical attention for more severe cases)

Our deluxe massage chair is only $15 for a full (20 minute) session — that’s the cheapest massage in town!

This chair is absolutely amazing — it has settings for Demo, Ache Relief, Comfort (catering to our more sensitive clients), Upper Body Relief or Lower Body Relief — it even can add a heated aspect for particularly tense or sore muscles and joints. Remove your shoes for an entire body experience, including your feet!